Open faced burgers are nothing terribly new for us. Sorry if you've seen it all before, but when I was as the store last night and couldn't reach Meena on her cell, I just had to get to it and make some choices. So ... open faced burgers it is.

I'm still hooked on the whole Anytime concept, so this is yet another variation. It's just so good! This attempt included:
- lamb burger (ground lamb, jalapeƱo, green onion, worchestershire, olive oil, salt, black pepper, red pepper flakes)
- tomato
- red cabbage
- field greens
- homemade hummus
- pepper cream (sour cream, sambal oelek, barbecue sauce)
- toasted bialy

Meena isn't normally a huge fan of lamb so I knew I was taking a chance on this one. But she loved it, thank goodness. She actually raved throughout the entire meal.

I don't have any negatives of consequence. I don't like my photo, I guess. And the burger wasn't a perfect shape or anything. But man, when that lamb gets all caramelized and done ... it's just. so. good.

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