I had to steal another photo. I'm not sure why I ALWAYS forget to take photos at Cube 63 but I do. Sorry!

We weren't in the mood to cook last night (it was 300 degrees ... I didn't want to heat up the apartment), so we wandered down Lower East Side way for some BYOB and great sushi.

Meena had:
- shrimp shumai
- boston roll
- volcano roll (actually pictured above)
- spicy tuna roll

Alec had:
- seaweed salad
- boston roll
- salmon and avocado roll

Everything was delicious. We sat at the bar because it was oddly packed for 7:00, but the food never suffers. I actually think it was better than the last few times I've been. They were on last night.

It was hot in there. That was the only downfall. But it was hot EVERYWHERE last night. Can't fault them for that!

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