I've obviously been on a bit of an summer roll kick. I can't deny it. They are pretty delicious. Although I think I might have reached my saturation point last night. I may take a break for a week or two.

But for last night's version, I threw in:
- rice paper rounds
- jalapeƱo
- red cabbage
- carrot
- cucumber
- cilantro
- smoked salmon
- dipping sauce (hoison, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sambal oelek)

And for our second little dish, we made a noodle salad:
- spaghetti
- garlic
- green onion
- carrot
- red cabbage
- black sesame seeds
- chicken breast
- sesame oil
- rice wine vinegar
- soy sauce
- black pepper
- red pepper flakes

I went easy on the oil in that last dish and I think that it didn't really suffer. Sesame oil is a beautiful thing, but it's not that great for you. So I try to use it in small doses. And a little goes a long way. So no big deal. But the noodles were great.

The summer rolls were good, but I think I liked the shrimp ones the best. If I used smoked salmon again, I'd do something a lot different. I feel like I'd try for something sorta creamy to go with them. I also need to learn how to roll these suckers tighter. I'm just nervous to break the skins. Oh well. Work in progress.

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