I was inspired by my Anytime burger from the 4th and when I was walking the isles at Whole Foods yesterday, I realized I could pick up very few items and probably produce something similar in my own little kitchen. And as it turns out, I could!

My little burgers included:
- mini whole-wheat pitas
- thai chicken sausage
- red cabbage
- cucumber
- homemade hummus (chickpeas, olive oil, garlic, salt, black pepper, red wine vinegar)
- homemade cucumber sauce (cucumbers, greek yogurt, salt, black pepper)
- chile sauce

I'm going to be making this a lot in the future. It was super simple and pretty darn delicious. I think I'll work on the "burger" part. I'd rather have lamb like Anytime, but they didn't have any at Whole Foods so I just made some substitutions. I used the sausage because I knew I could cut it out of the casings and it would be pre-spiced. When Meena is back, I won't mind mixing up my own burgers.

I put too much garlic in my hummus (and I subsequently smell like a garlic patch this morning) . But I don't care. I knew I was putting too much in the processor ... but I love it and that's the way I wanted it to be. So sue me.

I'm taking this again today for lunch. Whoo Hoo!

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