I have no idea if Cafe Chili is better than Joya, actually. I just read a review that said it is, so I thought I'd make that the title of the post. Apparently, Joya is the current Thai heavyweight champion of Cobble Hill and Cafe Chili is looking to muscle in on some of their biz.

Well, we haven't been to Joya, but Cafe Chili is pretty great. Cute little place with a bunch of modern touches. Food was solid. Wine was cheap.

We started with a couple steamed dumplings and then Meena got going with:
- chicken pad thai (spicy)

And Alec had:
- black noodles with chinese broccoli (spicy)

Mine was spicy, but I had to dip into their little hot sauce spread to up the ante. They had those little pickled peppers, red pepper flakes and the sambal oelek. All were used.

I think we'll be back for sure. It's right next to the house and way less crowded and scene-ey than Joya.

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