Well, it's not actually OUR new apartment, but Apartment 138 on Smith was our dinner spot of choice last night.

After having a couple brews at the Gowanus Yacht Club, Dan and Meena and I were looking for a spot on Smith Street that accepted credit cards. To our surprise, there are VERY few establishments on this major street who do! We looked at a million places before we found Apt.

Not to discredit Apartment 138, though. It was good. Good, solid, standard American fare.

Dan had:
- crab burger with slaw and french fries and salad

Meena had:
- the cuban sandwich with french fries and salad

And I had:
- turkey burger with french fries and salad

All around solid place. We'll be back for more beers and burgers. And the back porch looks fantastic. No Zaytoons ... but very nice.


Tom said...

haha, don't ask me how I came across your blog but I just wanted to say that you take really good photos!!

Keep up the great work :)

alec said...

Hey, Tom!

I can't take credit for Apt. 138. All flickr and stolen merchandise. I only shoot the food when I can!

But I just got some gameshow money ... so new camera is in the works.

alec said...

actally, I think tom was spam. So. Nevermind.