Sorry friends. Long time no post. I have a couple lined up, I just don't have internet in BK. And I'm too busy at work to really go through them. But let me break down the last few nights for you.

Friday in NYC:

- Wonderful Tartine in the West Village. You know I had a pissalidiere with anchovies and goat cheese and Meena went with the sautéed chicken with fries if you even know us.

Saturday in NYC:
- We did brunch at Essex and dinner at Ivo & Lulu. Had to go out with a favorite duo.

Sunday in Cobble Hill:
- Moving day. And boy was it a terror. We didn't eat much all day so we devoured some nachos at Lobo and washed them down with a couple margaritas once the boxes were in the door.

Monday in Cobble Hill:
- This one is going to become a new fav ... Zaytoons on Smith. It's BYOB and they have giant platters. I had the shawarma platter and so did Meena.

Tuesday night in Cobble Hill:
- Mexicali. Not so great, but the margaritas were great before I had to go home and put together a dresser!

I'm not sure when I'll get internets in BK. But I'll try to update with more regularity from the office!

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