I had to make one last beer and burger special mine at Clinton Street Baking Company before I left the hood, man. It's 10 bucks and it's JUST. SO. GOOD.

Sorry about the photo. All you really see is the homemade chips. But in all honesty, they're pretty darn good too. Nearly everything is good here!

So you already know that I had the delicious burger special with cole slaw and chips. Miss Meena came way out of left field and had:
- southern fried chicken with cole slaw, jalapeno corn bread and a Tabasco honey

Meena's fried chicken was yummy and juicy. No doubt. But the breading was a touch dry. That could have been better. For sure no KFC (I'm looking at you, Brian).

I thought the real standout in her dish was the cornbread. With the Tobasco honey? Doesn't get much better than that, folks.

What's even better than a delicious dinner at one of our favorite neighborhood spots? Free scones on the way out, that's what. That's right, they gave us a free bag of scones to take with and I brought them into the office to share today. They were awesome. TOE tally.

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