After a great night in the West Village with Matt, James and Diana, we decided to take a stroll up to Brooklyn Heights for some brunch and farmer's market shopping. I was technically on call because we had a shoot going on (and the band showed 2 hours late), so there were plenty of phone calls in the midst of our meandering, but change of scenery (albeit slight) was enjoyable.

Brooklyn Heights is odd. It's technically really nice and pretty, but for some reason, I never want to eat anywhere over there. We'd heard positive reviews on Lantern, though, so we ducked in for some brunch.

Meena had:
- beef pad thai

Alec had:
- beef prik king

Although you can't really call our food "brunch," we did really enjoy it. Well, I don't know. Meena's came out looking like a pad thai omelet (delightful). So I guess we were close. Anyway, the food was very nice and the people great.

After brunch, we hit the Borough Hall farmer's market. They had tons of great heirloom tomatoes, watermelon, etc. Awesome.

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