I was working late on what's probably my last real summer Friday, so Meena was kind and ran out to Stinky Brooklyn for some delicious appetizers to ease me into the weekend.

Our little spread was spectacular and included:
- baguette
- assorted olives
- artichoke and lemon pesto spread
- salami
- brie of some sort

Wonderful. We had a couple glasses of white wine and very quickly all was well with the world again.

We needed something a little more substantial, so Cube 63 became the next destination.

Meena had:
- volcano roll
- barcelona roll

Alec had:
- miso
- scallop special (seared scallop with dried spicy scallop on top)
- salmon and avocado roll

Meena wasn't a fan of the Spanish number. It had seared beef on top (odd) but I enjoyed it. Quite throughly.

The scallop special was insane. It was just lightly seared so it really tasted like a spicy pillow made of butter. Amazing.

After dinner we went into the city for drinks on a roof in the West Village. Matty Chaymez was the music director of his sister's birthday so he asked if wanted to come by and partake. We did (THANKS, MATT!). As did James and D and it was wonderful. I wish I had a photo or two. The view was great. And there was plenty of wine!

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