This week has been a real bummer on the work front. We've both been working incredibly late and it has been highly annoying.

But last night I was determined to make something for dinner. I was sick of eating out and just needed to assemble something, even if it was super simple. Fortunately, we found time to run by Pacific Green on the way back from the train to pick up some staples.

So sandwiches it was:
- prosciutto
- field greens
- marinara
- fresh mozzarella
- roasted red and yellow peppers (from a jar ... sorry!)
- peasant bread

After a few minutes on the skillet, these suckers were golden and crispy.

I also threw together a quick salad:
- field greens
- goat cheese
- roasted red and yellow peppers
- salt
- black pepper

Meena threw a few salt and vinegar potato chips on the plate and we had a meal. Now let's do this Friday thing and ease into the weekend. Pleeeeeeeaaaaase!

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claudia said...

there is something about the perfect sandwich... beyond satisfying if done well...primal perhaps? yours look GREAT!