Last night Meena ended up working later than I've known her to work in a long time. I had to go to a party on the LES that Rolling Stone/Men's Journal were throwing together for Jose Cuervo. So when we both made it back to Brooklyn, cooking just wasn't in the cards.

Meena was completely run down, so I suggested Lobo - the one thing that's sure to put her back on track. She happily agreed.

After a margarita a piece, Meena ordered:
- edwin's enchiladas (chicken with verde sauce)

Alec had a slight variation on his usual:
- pork soft tacos

I normally order the chicken tacos and while they are very good, the pork was a lot better. I definitely have a new regular. Meena housed her enchiladas and I think it put her in a much better place.

Nothing like a little Mexican to get you back to where you ought to be.

NOTE: Meena's isn't pictured. Thing won't load! Sorry!

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