Last night we took off for Park slope to meet Steveo, Dan and his sister Stacy who was in town with her husband Mark. They'd just arrived from LA, so Dan thought it best for us all to head down to Brooklyn Fish Camp for some lobster rolls and other assorted seafoods.

Our party of six (which is apparently offensive to their host, FYI ... beware), settled down next to the bar and got rolling with the following:

Dan, Stacy and Meena had:

Steve had:
- bbq salmon fillet with creamy polenta

Mark had:
- pan fried halibut with a panko crust

Alec had:
- grilled mahi mahi with grapefruit and mint

The crew with the lobster rolls loved every bite. I'm not sure a single solitary shoestring potato was left when the dust had settled.

I believe Mark and Steve liked theirs. I know Steve was a huge fan of his creamy polenta.

Mine was just OK. The fish was delicious. No problems there. It was the overbearing grapefruit/mint/red onion salad that came with. Just a little too much. Good but not great.

After dinner we wandered down to the Black Sheep Pub where we had trouble spending $10 on drinks. Partially because I had a couple PBRs. Partially because Meena's glass of wine was something in the range of two bucks!


DAN said...

mmmmm Lobster Rolls. PS. we need to continue going to Black Sheep during the week. I mean, having trouble spending a 10 spot?? Gotta love THAT!

alec said...

Right you are strassy. Having difficulty dropping 10 at a bar is pretty much insanity in this city. Black Sheep ... I love you.

claudia said...

i made lobster rolls saturday night and they were wonderful. something about lobster rolls and summer...