Last night I went to the Yankee's game with James, Matt and Mark for some baseball, bros, brews and lots of Bronx goodness. Although I've been in the city for a fairly substantial amount of time at this point, I'd just never been up there. To the Bronx or the Yankees, actually. So I was really looking forward to it for a variety of reasons.

The game got started with a Tiger's grand slam in the first inning, so I have to be honest, the competition wasn't ever very strong last night.

On the food front, I kept it pretty simple. I'd heard concessions were out of control and the rumors were definitely true. One of the most expensive food scenes I'd ever witnessed in professional sports. Anyway, like I said, I kept it pretty low impact:
- bud light
- peanuts

Oddly, they were some of the worst peanuts I'd ever had. They were unsalted and burnt. How strange? The beer was delicious, though. Mostly because it was beer and I was at the Yankee's game.

It was a blast, though. I was with good people and the game was a lot of fun. Our seats weren't the best, but you could see everything. I'm sure they could have been much worse.

When I got home, I discovered Meena and D sipping wine and hanging out in the garden! Meena bought tiki torches and they seemed to have provided the necessary nudge it was going to take for her to experience our outdoor space. It was very nice. And after D took off, I snacked on a little of the bread cheese they'd left in the fridge.

Excellent night, no doubt.

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