Because Meena has such a kind boss in Larissa, we piled in a green Ford Escort with James and Diana to see what Narrowsburg, NY is all about. I'd long heard great things via Meena, but to be honest, this place could have been on the moon. I had no clue what to expect.

After battling tons of rain and a momentary wrong turn, we finally made it to downtown Narrowsburg around 8:30 Friday night. It looked like the town closed at 9:00, so we stopped off ASAP at the Main Street Cafe (recommended by Laris).

The place was quaint. Downright beautiful when we got to the back porch and saw the moonlight reflecting off the Delaware River. And the food wasn't so bad either.

Meena started with:
- seared scallops with fresh melon

James had:
- garden salad (dressing on the side!)

And for dinner, Diana had:
- halibut roasted in corn husks served with assorted vegetables

Meena had:
- spaghetti and meatballs

James had:
- a nice fat rib eye

Alec had:
- lamb stew

Obviously, I forgot to take photos. Sorry. I had a camera, it was just in the car. And it just felt so good to sit that I didn't want to get up. I did put a photo of Main Street Narrowsburg up there though.

The food was nice. I think everyone enjoyed theirs. I feel like I need to justify the lamb stew in August - it was colder than normal and it just felt right. And it was delicious, so I commend myself on such a nice choice.

Now on with beautiful houses, rivers, food and wine!

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