When we woke up on Saturday morning, it was cold, friends. Way cold. I'm talking in the 50s. Which isn't normally that bad. But when you're on vacation and all you have is shorts and some T's ... it's a little concerning.

So first thing, we decided to go hunt for food and our quest lead us to River Brook Farm. Amazing people, fantastic produce, delicious meat and eggs. You couldn't ask for more. I threw in a couple photos of the actual market and its products, but check out that shot of the farm's grounds. Beautiful greens and blues. Just the way it should be.

For everything we couldn't get at the farm, we found at Peck's Market in town. Town is a relative term here. It's almost not even a town it's so small. But Peck's had some of the crap we needed - chips, beer, etc.

Diana started the sandwich assembly when we got back (although that's James in the photo ... just to clarify):
- turkey
- lettuce
- tomato (from the vines behind Larissa's house!!!!)
- apple
- mustard
- baguette
- american cheese

Of course, we had some chips, too.

Also, James doesn't drink, but he calls his lifeblood (crystal light) beer. So I thought it would be funny to put my beer next to his beer and take a photo. So ... there you go.

I mean … it just doesn’t get better.

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