While I was workin' on the ol' blog this morning (made a few layout tweaks), Meena got the kitchen heated up with some of our leftovers from last night's meal. She's a crafty one in the kitchen.

Her little open faced egg sandwich included:
- peasant bread
- bruschetta
- field greens
- char burger
- black prince heirloom tomato
- egg
- salt
- black pepper
- sambal oelek
- milk
- garlic powder
- worchestershire sauce

Talk about a great way to get the day started. It was totally filling but not over the top. The eggs were fluffy and perfectly spiced. And all the goodness of those heirloom tomatoes really shined through.


claudia said...

so jealous. what a wonderful sunday morning breakfast... go meena!

Amy said...

Eggs and heirloom tomatoes are so delicious together and one of the best summertime breakfast combos out there. Well done!