Once again, the big number came out of left field. I really had planned on doing something a bit more elaborate for my 300th post, but as I've shown the world on previous anniversaries, I'm not as sentimental as I thought.

Tonight, we got started with something truly worth celebrating - an heirloom tomato salad:
- brandy wine heirloom tomato
- smoked mozzarella
- salt
- olive oil

It was about $11 for four tomatoes yesterday, but I don't care. They were worth every penny. I would have paid a lot more.

We went totally old school with the main course - CHICKEN FINGERS!
- panko
- egg
- salt
- cayenne pepper
- black sesame
- garlic powder
- chicken breast
- olive oil
- milk

We poured out a little Jim Beam barbecue sauce and whipped up a little honey mustard. Delicious. We're watching football and Meena commented that these oven-baked goods will likely become a Sunday staple when we get into the thick of the season. She's right. Very, very, very right.


Anonymous said...

Baked chicken fingers on football Sundays is a very good idea, indeed. When I don't feel like firing up the smoker, I'm sure I'll be trying this recipe. Thanks for the inspiratiton!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and happy 300! :)

claudia said...

i love you guys!!!

claudia said...

but wait - i might love smoked mozarella more... i've actually MET smoked mozarella....

alec said...

oh, no doubt. I totally, agree. smoked mozarella is way better than us. WAY better.