It was time again for the Us Weekly national sales meeting again and unlike last year, I was actually invited to the dinner portion of the festivities.

Our location for the evening was The Fig & Olive outpost that opened up downtown in the meatpacking district. I'm told the upper east location is consistently delicious. And if I'm being honest, this one was, too. I typically hate all things meatpacking, but this one was solid from start to finish.

I got started a little late with:
- sardine, tomato, charmoula crostini

Then sampled an OK appetizer that nobody else seemed to like:
- beef carpaccio (marinated raw beef, balsamic vinegar, baby arugula, parmesan-truffle oil)

I kept going with the following main:
- fig & olive mediterranean tasting (grilled chicken with thyme, artichoke, tapenade, mushrooms, arugula parmesan and lemon infused olive oil) (grilled lamb with rosemary, bell peppers, greek yogurt & honey, couscous with figs and karoneiki olive oil) (grilled shrimp with organo, tomato – saffron picual olive oil)

And I finished up with:
- a mix of fresh berries with vanilla ice cream and aged balsamic vinegar

Very nice. And I ended up a little drunk. They made sure the wine was constantly flowing.

All in all, a very nice (very free) dinner.

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