Bocca Lupo is literally around the corner from our new place. We'd seen it a few times when we were first exploring the hood. Even saw Sanjay from "Weeds" there once. Or Jack's assistant from "30 Rock." Take your pick. But it looked great and we finally got a chance to stop in Tuesday night for a bit of the food we'd also seen written up in New York Mag's "Cheap Eats" issue.

We would have started with the storied veal and porcini meatballs (our waitress screwed it up and brought us an extra panini instead. I didn't get to sample them because we didn't want to throw a fit our first time there.), but here's what we actually did have:
- 1 sausage bruschetta
- 1 chicken liver bruschetta
- 1 gorgonzola bruschetta

The bruschetta is served by the slice. It's great. You can get all sorts of different ones and they're only $2.50/per. Totally amazing. I think I liked the gorgonzola with roma tomato the best.

We were just going to have the prosciutto panini and split it (they cut into quarters and you can share it easily), but like I said, we got a sausage and broccoli rabe one in place of our meatballs. Oddly, the sausage panini was actually better than the one we ordered. So I couldn't be too terribly disappointed.

At any rate, I'll be back to this place a million times. Mark my words ... it's cheap and it's completely delicious. I'd suggest it to anyone. Anytime.

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