I'm not sure if this is our local Lil' Frankies replacement ... actually, I am. It is. It's our replacement. Lucali is this little pizza spot on Henry and Carroll or something. I'm sure every Brooklyn-ite is way up on this spot already, but I'm still new so let me have my fun!

Anyway, it's a tiny little place with nothing more than some tables and that oven in the back of the room. That's it. You watch the dudes throw it all together and fire that crust to perfection. There is no menu. There is no wine list (it's BYOB!). It's just pizza and you pick the toppings. Does it get any better?

Our first Lucali pie featured (you start with a margherita ... sorta. You start with cheese, really):
- pepperoni
- garlic
- basil

It was delicious. We had a nice bottle of wine. TONS of pizza (it's about 8 slices in total). And walked home in the extreme humidity feeling amazing.

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dan said...

Isn't there this place right around there called Frankie's Sputino or something? Could there be dualing ersatz lil' frankie's in your new hood??