That's not much of a title, but I couldn't think of anything better. Sorry!

But it's sorta true. Tuesday is always a little boring. You're past Monday which is awesome ... but it's not even Wednesday yet and there's still a lot of week left. So I suppose it's important to have an interesting meal to make sure you're prepared for the rest of the battle. Right?

Before dinner (and while I as cooking) we snacked on a delicious little spread:
- whitefish salad
- brie
- water crackers
- salami

And luckily, I made it home in time to hit the fish store on Court (Fish Tales) and was able to pick up a little salmon for our consumption. The main course went like this:
- panko salmon (baked with honey, stone ground mustard and panko)
- avocado
- shiitake
- red onion
- black sesame seeds
- salt
- black pepper
- hoisin sauce (with tomato sauce and filtered water)

Meena claimed it was one of the best meals she'd had in a very long time but I think she was just being kind. It was really good. And actually prettier than you're seeing up there. But I promise you, this was awesome and we'll do it again. Probably soon.

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