We had a couple things in the fridge that needed to be consumed, so before we called in Joya as planned last night, we attacked those bites we'd been eyeing for a day or two.

This little cheese plate is becoming a trend ... and I love it. For some reason, cheese is really highly coveted in our new neighborhood (not that I have a problem with that of course), and lots of great varieties are available. So we did:
- pumpernickel baguette
- st. andré
- chimay
- salami

And to properly close out the leftovers, I made something called a chicken crispy (Meena LOVED that name every time I uttered it):
- hoisin chicken
- panko
- cajun spice
- water cracker

Delicious on both fronts.

When it came time to order the Joya, I wasn't feeling quite as hungry as usual. Obviously due to the mini meal we started with. So rather than my usual, I went with:
- thai spare ribs (small order)
- tom yum koong

And Meena kept it strictly traditional with:
- chicken spring rolls
- chicken pad thai (medium spicy!)

I was delightfully full after this little spread. Lots of variety and lots of great flavor.

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claudia said...

i just read down about 8 posts cause i was away and all i can say is that you guys eat very well. i just wanna know one thing. how is it that you both stay SO thin??? it's enough to make me not like you...