I can easily say this was the most expensive hamburger I've ever had. Maybe a $25 burger is nothing to some of you. But for me, this is far and away the priciest hunk of ground beef I've ever knowingly consumed.

After running around for the better part of the morning (some of it in the 102 degree Las Vegas Heat!), my fearless coworker Vicky Lopez and I hit AJ's Steakhouse again for some much needed nourishment. We figured it wouldn't be possible to eat again until after Kanye did his thing, so we seized our opportunity.

I started with that watermelon and tuna tartare. Vicky had an iceberg wedge. I probably should have gone her route. I really wanted the beef tartare with quail egg, but I just thought that would be too much meat. I wasn't a huge fan of the tuna, though. I probably should have just done meat overload.

For the main course, Vicky chose a cheeseburger and I kept it plain. And I think we were both pretty impressed with the things.

My fries were decent. Not spectacular. Probably more for looks.

As is popular in high end steakhouses today, they got all kitschy and added a little vanilla milkshake. I'm not complaining. It was perfect. Not too sweet and perfectly creamy to complement the rest of the salty fare.

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claudia said...

i'm hoping this was expense account eating!!!