Before we had to get over to the Snoop Dogg show by the pool, we stopped in for some much needed eats at AJ's Steakhouse here in the Hard Rock. I don't think any of my coworkers had eaten anything all day, so it was about to be a particularly ravenous affair.

We got started with the seafood appetizer sampler:
- seared scallops
- crab cakes
- jumbo shrimp cocktail

All pretty standard stuff, but it's clear Vegas is no joke when it comes to that whole excess and extravagance thing. The shrimp were jumbo and sweet and the crab cake was without all the bindings and filler that plagues most of these little treats. It was CRAB cake filled with lots of CRAB. Delicious.

I decided to stick with the steak, this being AJ's Steakhouse and all:
- 10 oz. fillet

I had mine medium rare and it was definitely served that way. Just a touch of salt and a bit of melted butter to finish. Delicious.

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