When I woke up, I didn't realize Saturday was going to be this fat. I made a nice breakfast and we had little bites, but looking back on it a day later ... it was a very fat day.

For Dan's birthday extravaganza, we started out at the Brooklyn Brewery for one of their Saturday tours. It's not really a tour, FYI. I mean, it is. But it lasts about 15 minutes at the very most and it's just a brief history of the place. With a quick overview on how brews are made. Interesting for sure. Just not all that serious.

Anyway, the best part of the tour is having some samples after the fact and we most certainly explored the varieties. Between the four of us, I think we sampled:
- pennant
- oktoberfest
- ipa
- weisse

They were all delicious.

After a couple brews, we decided we needed a snack. Normally we would have just grabbed a slice, but Meena had to use the ladies room and none of Williamsburg's beautiful slice establishments really had much to offer. So we just decided to do it big and hit Fornino's. James loves this place and I see why. The pizza is great.

The four of us split:
- margherita extra

The extra meant cherry tomatoes. I'm not sure why that's extra, but they were delicious and sweet little additions to our pie.

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dan said...

Mmmm...I lurves me some Oktoberfest brew! Rather, ich liebe Oktoberfest bier!