I know I've done it once before on MOAP, but it wasn't really a muffin tin madness. Honestly, this one isn't really either, but it's much closer to the breakfast staple I love so much.

So rather than breaking out the muffin tin, I just did one egg basket for each of us in little ramekins. I know you're all thinking ... they're burnt, gross. But I love the little blackened edges. Something about it is just delicious to me.

Today's madness included:
- whole wheat pita
- egg
- basil pesto (from a jar ... sorry!)
- tomato
- parmesan

Under the basket, I threw down a little sauce:
- ajvar
- olive oil
- honey

I also whipped up a little shrimp salad to go along with it:
- shrimp
- salt
- pepper
- light mayo
- white wine
- stone ground mustard
- red onion

And just to make sure breakfast was totally decadent, I picked up a little whitefish salad from the fish store on Court Street. I LOVE whitefish salad.

Great breakfast. Now we're off to the Brooklyn Brewery for a tour!

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