For some stupid reason I didn't take any shots of our food last night, but I did snap a couple shots of the very tiny Petite Crevette once we'd finished. So ... you get the big fish and the menu wall. Sorry!

I just want to start by saying this place was great and I loved it. It's tiny, out of the way, BYOB and French. All the elements of a restaurant Meena and Alec are going to enjoy.

Once we'd squeezed into our little table and the wine was poured, we got started with:
- mussels proven├žal

After tearing through the mussels and really excellent bread and garlic olive oil, Meena moved into:
- shrimp proven├žal

And although I really wanted to get the grilled sardines, I went for:
- seared scallops with roasted corn salsa

The food was good, but I think we made a mistake not ordering the burgers. I know. I know! I eat burgers like it's my job, but the salmon, tuna and beef patties coming out of this kitchen looked divine. We'll definitely hit Petite Crevette again ... expect to see burgers on our plates.

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