It doesn't look pretty but it was awfully tasty. Last night after work we hit the Whole Foods back in our old hood and left with all the stuff we needed for an Anytime Burger!

I totally realize I make a lot of burgers. And I totally realize it's not all that impressive or inventive. But whatever, man. They're delicious!

So this one was KINDA true to the original with:
- lamb burger (ground lamb, red onion, garlic, tomato paste and worchestershire sauce)
- tomato
- field greens
- hummus
- yogurt sauce (greek yogurt, roasted red bell pepper, salt and black pepper)
- whole wheat pita

We also picked up a couple miscellaneous side salads and stuff from Whole Foods. Some were good. Some weren't (I'm looking at you seaweed salad ...). But it was a solid dinner after a long day of photo shoots and other assorted madness.

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