I realize fully that my steak looks pretty mangled up there, but I assure you, it looked like a pretty little package when I started slicing into that hunk of medium rare goodness. I was trying to be discreet, so that's why it may not be be the best photo ever. Again, I assure you, this thing was amazing.

So last night was our final evening in Milwaukee and Mr. Roell was kind enough to take us down to the Pfister's delicious restaurant, Mason Street Grill for some of their highly praised steaks.

I think we all ended up ordering the 8 oz. fillet to varying temperatures and with different sides, but the order remained basically the same.

I ordered mine medium rare and Meena took hers medium. I had the ratatouille and she opted for the delmonico potatoes.

The steaks were fantastic. They loaded on a heap of clarified butter and a bit of salt and pepper and we were in heaven. A pure, meat-centric state of total satisfaction.

I can't forget to mention that earlier in the day we hit the Machine Shed for a nice little brunch spread. It's one of those Midwest things that just feels right. Steam table eggs, hashbrowns, corn beef hash, ham steaks, bacon, sausage ... the whole shebang.

So Sunday was an amazing day of varying degrees of culinary stimulation. From the wonderful homespun treats of the shed to the simply perfect steaks at Mason Street. We did it all. And ate it all. And enjoyed every second.

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