Meena and I just got back to Brooklyn and already I miss the Midwest more than I can describe. I know that when I lived there, I wanted so badly to go see other things and live elsewhere. Don't get me wrong - I love New York. I don't plan on leaving soon. But once you've left and can give yourself a little perspective, nothing seems better than home.

At any rate, this weekend we went back to Milwaukee to see Meena's parents and check out places to get married. Luckily, I think we found a nice spot in Kohler, WI that should do us quite well. More than quite well. It's lavish and completely beautiful. It's amazing. I can't actually believe how lucky we are.

But this blog is about food so I'll go there.

Friday night once we'd rolled into Brookfield, we hit Mitchell's for some delicious seafood. I didn't take photos, but I assure you, my lake whitefish was grilled to perfection. Meena had some lobster that had just a touch of the cajun spice. Delicious.

Saturday night, we were treated to a visit from Meena's brother Brian and his wife Nikki. Oh, they brought some beautiful babies, too! So we had a nice little barbecue with a host of treats:
- hebrew national hot dogs
- burgers
- my bruschetta
- potato salad
- watermelon

It was pretty delicious. And those kids were as cute as they come.

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