Last night we were lucky enough to hit our new neighborhood favorite, Lucali. We smelled like we ate our way through a garlic patch on the way out, but we still considered ourselves quite lucky.

We'd tried a couple times recently to stop in, but the wait had been prohibitive. Lucky for us, we had a 20 minute wait last night and the waitress was kind enough to uncork the wine so we could have a glass on the front bench while we waited.

As you're probably well aware by now, Lucali doesn't have a menu. Just pizza with a couple topping options. Last night we went with garlic and pepperoni. Delicious. We didn't plan to eat the whole thing, but that reality quickly became apparent when the last slice was sitting there all by itself.

Following dinner, we were treated to some of the most amazing grapes I'd ever consumed. Delicious concord grapes that were filled with the most amazing, seedy, jellied fruit I'd ever tasted. Amazing. Totally.

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