I think we might have run through a couple options when we were emailing menus to each other today, but Napoleon's grandma won out in the end - we made some dang quesadillas. There was talk of soups and pork tenderloin, but I don't know ... this just felt right.

I worked late, but I made it to the seafood store right before it closed and was able to pick up some salmon fillets ... so we were ready to roll when I rolled up on Verandah.

Tonight our little fire kissed treats had:
- salmon fillet (with salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper)
- jalapeño
- smoked mozzarella
- brandy wine heirloom tomato
- roasted bell peppers
- field greens
- red onion
- chipotle salsa
- sour cream
- flour tortilla

I thought this would be fine (I mean, seriously ... it's a quesadilla, they're aways good, right?), but it exceeded expectations. Considerably. It was actually really, really good. The creamy, rich salmon complemented the spicy jalapeño and chipotle flavors. And the chipotle with the smoked mozzarella gave the whole thing a wonderfully smoky flavor throughout. Oh boy. This one was yummy. There's even an extra for tomorrow's lunch! I'm excited already!


claudia said...

the only problem feeding cary is that the guy won't eat fish... seafood? yes. but fish? no. maddening,,, i tell ya. this sounds fabbo as usual....

alec said...

I think you should find a really mild white fish and toss it in something like this. My friend James didn't eat fish, but slowly, he's adding it. Douse it in something familiar a few times and you might get it done!