I'm not actually sure why we decided to hit Bar Tabac last night, but while we were riding home on the train, our plans to hit the fish market disintegrated. So no good reason other than it just felt like a good idea.

And it was. Bar Tabac, despite its subtle air of pretension, really is pretty down to earth. There is something about those outdoor tables that feels a little off putting at first (and this is probably just me), but once you're there, those concerns gradually melt away. And we had a nice outdoor table last night that allowed us to ease into the evening while watching the neighborhood slowly pass by.

Anyway, the food was solid. Not great, but solid. We started with the scallop special:
- endive, bleu cheese, walnuts and citrus with seared scallops

Following the opener, Meena had:
- shell steak and peppercorn sauce with greens and fries

Alec had:
- late night bar tabac burger with cheddar, mixed greens and fries

Everything was good. Meena's steak was a little too much (I was actually surprised she ordered it ... but sometimes she just goes out on a limb). My burger was good. I'm not sure why I ordered it, but it was good. It really was a night of odd choices. But I think it worked out. We went home quite full and very happy.


Amy said...

Sounds pretty good. How were the scallops? I don't think I've ever had them in a dish with such strong and potentially overpowering flavors. Would it be something you'd try to recreate at home?

alec said...

yeah, I wouldn't. It wasn't THAT great. The scallops got a little lost with all the other stuff. I even forgot to mention the lemon sections they threw in there. I assumed it was something a little less tart ... I quickly realized my error.

I think I'm going to keep my experiences with Bar Tabac to afternoon beers (although Trout is a better option for that) or very late night for drunken burgers.