Sorry for being so slow to post, but it's been a really busy day. Like. Really busy.

But last night we did have a great dinner at Joya and I can't deny the world a look at that. Well, I sorta have to. That's not my dinner. Just stolen Flickr photos. But you get the idea. Actually, that one dish could be my chicken with basil. I'm not sure though.

Anyway, we started with:
- chicken spring rolls

The Meena had the:
- chicken pad thai (REALLY SPICY)

Alec had the:
- gai kraprow

Next time Meena won't order SO spicy. It ended up being SUPER hot. But it was still really delightful.

Sorry Cafe Chili, but the food at Joya is just so good. I'm sad because the people at Chili are so nice. But boy oh boy ... Joya. I love you.

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