After our delightful dinner at Alma the other night, I felt like some hanger steak fajitas were going to be a great dinner option for this Monday night. Fall is creeping in and the air is getting crisp. I don't know. I thought fajitas. Does that make me odd?

I luckily got to the butcher right before they closed and scored some hanger steak. Here's how the rest broke down:
- hanger steak (marinated in lime, soy sauce, and cayenne pepper)
- guacamole (avocado, lime, salt, sour cream, salsa and black pepper)
- radish
- corn tortillas
- hot sauce

These weren't quite Alma, but I think I did a pretty bang up job. The guacamole had too much lime (I tried to cut it a little with the sour cream and some salt), but it wasn't bad. The steak was great. Just medium rare. Medium in some ends. But still really tender and juicy. The radish was even a nice little punch of flavor.

Oh, before the dinner, I threw down a little plate of cheese and whole wheat crackers. They're actually called bible bread. Why? NO CLUE. But they went well with the little hunk of st. andre cheese and some of the others we had left over from late last week.

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