I have no idea why my lower back hurts so much, but like I told Matt yesterday, it feels like Michael Clark Duncan body slammed me. I think I pulled something, but I don't know. It just hurts. Luckily, Meena had a massage gift certificate and she let me use it. And it helped. A ton. I feel much better today.

Cooking wasn't all that appealing when I got home, so Meena called in some help from our friends at Joya.

Meena started with:
- chicken spring rolls

And continued with:
- chicken pad thai (medium spicy)

Alec got down with:
- chicken krapkraw

Everything was OK last night. I'm not sure if they had a new chef in the house or something, but stuff was just off. The carrots in mine were gross. And it wasn't very spicy. Meena's was too thick and basically arrived in a massive clump that didn't want to break apart very well.

Off night for Joya, but not horrible. We'll still be in touch with those dudes.

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