We're nearly there. The weekend is so close we can taste it. That's why we decided to make a little celebration on our plates last night. Some rich cheese and bread for starters and some creamy, salty salmon for our main course. And of course, a glass or two of a delicious pinot noir to make sure the transition into Friday was a true party.

As you can see, the starter included some pumpernickel baguette, the last of our pickled onions and a couple cheeses. One was a goats milk manchego and I can't remember what the other was. Both very good, though.

The salmon dish was inspired by something I saw on Food & Wine's website. Per usual, I didn't really pay attention to the recipe at all. Just saw the photo and went from there with the following:
- salmon fillets
- salt
- spinach
- prosciutto
- crimini mushrooms
- shiitake mushrooms
- oyster sauce
- hot sauce (garnish)

I don't know what it was about the salmon last night, but it was amazing. They must have received their shipment yesterday because this was super fresh and it cooked so well. And this whole method I picked up from Heat is probably standard practice, but boy oh boy. I'll never try it any other way.

Meena was really into this dish and I think we'll probably do this again. I was saying we probably cook salmon too much, but whatever, man. We're getting better each time we do it and it's not that bad for you. Lately I've even taken oil out of the equation. So like I said. Whatever. I'm going to keep on knocking out salmon because it's delicious!

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