Last night we were able to accomplish a few of Meena's favorite things. First, we went to Gutter, the new bowling alley for a couple competitive frames. Second, we hit Anytime Cafe in Williamsburg for delicious tater tots. Does Saturday get any better?

After discovering that Steveo and Meena were far superior to Dan and I (sorry, Dan, it's true), we hit Anytime for some post competition nourishment.

Meena had:
- chicken sandwich with tots

Alec had:
- anytime burger with onion rings and mixed greens

Dan had:
- falafel with tots

Steve had:
- avocado sandwich with tots

One of the best Saturday nights in recent memory. Obviously.


dan said...

so true. i knew about steveo's bionic bowling arm but I had no idea the the little one could packed a punch of her own! thank the lord almighty we have an opportunity for a rematch coming up!

alec said...

we shall have our day in the sun!