Friday night we basically went straight to Dan and Steve's for some delicious treats and a few bottles of wine. Dan had tons of delightful stuff worked up by the time we arrived. From savory to sweet, Dan was all over it.

We started with some of Dan's famous dillies prepared two ways and presented in a couple lovely dishes. Awesome way to begin.

Next round was a wonderful spin dip. Not sure which aunt Dan said he grabbed the recipe from, but she's a genius. No doubt.

About the same time he unveiled the spin dip, Dan brought out a wonderful tray of cheeses, crackers and apples. Fantastic flavors.

The real star of the evening was Dan's dessert dip - a creamy pumpkin concoction with gingersnap cookies. I don't know where he found this one but it was Fall in a sweet, delicious dip. Perfect way to end this culinary tour de force.

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Allison said...

I want that pumpkin dip recipie!!