We haven't made the pizzettas in a minute so we decided to give the genre a little lovin' last night. I wasn't in the mood to do anything elaborate so we kept it to two options and just a small handful of ingredients. I believe it was an excellent plan. I think Meena agreed.

Our first shot featured:
- pear
- prosciutto
- balsamic reduction
- shaved parmesan
- flour tortilla

The second take was the more salty version:
- basil pesto
- anchovy
- shaved parmesan
- ancho chile puree
- flour tortilla

This was one of our better attempts in a while. I really enjoyed both options. For different reasons. The first take had juicy pears with thick, tart balsamic and a bit of that salty ham. But the overall feeling was - "this is the sweet one."

Option 2 had the super salty anchovy and parmesan combo working for it. I spent some time blending up those ancho chiles and I gotta be honest ... wasn't worth it. I'm officially not a huge fan of the ancho. It tastes too much like a raisin. I want something with more heat, cousin!

Anyway, it was a good night. Very delicious.


Amy said...

Wow, these look wonderful! I never would've thought to use tortillas -- did you use more than one per pizzetta?

alec said...

Thanks, Amy! There is simply nothing more simple than this stuff. One tortilla (taco size) and your imagination. Just throw them on a hot skillet for a minute or so to crisp it up and it's dinner.

claudia said...

and the sky's the absolute limit!
the possibilities are endless!
now there's a way to get very experimental with an overstocked pantry...