This one is truly odd for us. We NEVER have Chinese delivery but due to our late arrival in Brooklyn last night, we were left with no other option.

We had some drinks at a Men's Journal event and when we finally made it back home, everything was closed.

I suppose we could have hit the bodega and picked up some groceries, but we really weren't in any mood to cook, man. It was late and we had been drinking some weird liqueur for hours. Just wasn't in the cards.

We finally found China Hong willing to cook for us and we ordered like 12-year-old kids.

Meena had:
- sesame chicken

I had:
- general tso's chicken
- hot and sour soup

I mean, it was cheap Chinese. It was fine. Not really good. But not bad. With cheap Chinese, you always know what you're getting. China Hong was no different. They did throw in a couple drinks. That was nice. Weird night. Weird dinner. We'll try to normalize tonight.

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