That's the Flight of the Conchords pronunciation, FYI. Emphasis on the BAP. Because it's funnier that way. Right?

Meena had to run some errands last night, so I ran by Fish Tales and Pacific Green to pick up supplies for kebabs. I'm not sure why I was so obsessed with the idea all day but I really wanted them. There was no turning back. Here's how it went:
- salmon
- shrimp
- poblano pepper
- red bell pepper
- crimini mushrooms
- salt
- hoisin

We served the whole thing with another box of that thai rice. It's surprisingly good for boxed rice. Who knew?

I probably should have used onion with this but I didn't have any and forgot to buy one. Other than that, I think we both enjoyed it. And I'm no health expert, but I don't think it was all that bad for us either. No oil or excessive sauce. I love ke-BAPS!

We also had a little starter you're seeing up there. Mostly just cleaning out the fridge. We had a little chorizo and prosciutto I needed to use so we just threw it out there. Meena liked the pickles the most (and maybe I did too).

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