While I was sweeping up leaves in the back yard yesterday afternoon, Meena was hard at work in the kitchen getting a pot of beef stew slowly cooking away. The goal was to let that sucker slowly simmer away and melt all the delicious veggies and beef while we watched the "game of the month" and kicked back on the couch.

The whole thing smelled amazing and here's what went into it:
- stew beef
- shallots
- garlic
- white onion
- worchestershire sauce
- red wine
- vegetable stock
- salt
- black pepper
- potatoes
- carrots
- crimini mushrooms
- crushed tomatoes
- honey

It was delicious. I don't know what she did, but the whole thing was melt in your mouth perfection. The meat fell apart and was packed with flavor from sitting it its wine and tomato broth all afternoon.

I told Meena I'm not ever going to make stew again. This is obviously her domain and I clearly have no business attempting to imitate something as delicious as this.

I can't imagine a more perfect way to close a wonderful Fall Sunday.

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