After some brief discussion and a general reluctance to set foot outside the house another time, we decided last night that we really didn't want to do anything. We wanted to have some dinner, a bottle of wine and watch Transformers. Call us dorks ... but it just felt like the most ideal evening ever.

Meena got us started with a wonderful spread of cheese, bread and that rich artichoke and lemon spread. I threw in some kipper snacks. Delicious little smoked herring from Canada. Meena was reluctant to taste them, but in the end, she was on board too. Mostly because they're awesome and there's just no denying it.

For the main course, we picked up a super easy number from Rocco DiSpirito's first book. Note: I didn't buy his book. I had a preconceived dislike for Rocco, but Men's Journal did an event with him the other day and I wound up with a copy of his book. For all his pomp and showmanship, he's actually got some great taste. That may not be surprising to some, but it was to me.

So we went with the miso chicken he described as one of the easiest to prepare in the whole book. He was totally right. We used:
- butterflied chicken breast
- miso
- orange marmalade
- rice vinegar
- olive oil

I added the vinegar and the oil. I think. I can't remember and I'm too lazy to go check. I realize something like sesame oil would have been better, but I didn't have any. No problem. Olive worked.

Meena added some strange Thai rice that featured coconut and garlic and had an amazing kick for something originating from a box. But the flavor went really well with chicken.

Delicious dinner.

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