Sadly, the Colts left too many points on the field and evil won out yesterday. That monster from New England got himself a win. Unsettling. But when my team is healthy in January, watch out for a rematch in the AFC Championship game.

We had a ton of people over for the game. Dan, Steve, Matt, James, Diana, Laura, Amanda and Lopez all somehow found a place to sit. And we had a bunch of foods. From white bean dip and orzo salad to veggie (and carnivore friendly) hot dogs and a healthy assortment of chips, we ate.

We even had a mini-keg. Awesome spread.

So even though the result was moderately heartbreaking, we'll get our rematch. I'm sure of it. And we'll assemble another feast and assortment of friends to soak up the victory next time!


Amy said...

It was soooo close, too! I was sending all my positive thoughts your team's way yesterday, just so you know, and even had my husband put down $50 on them in Vegas. Even though the Colts lost, I think they put the fear of God in that team-which-shall-not-be-named.

alec said...

that was the most kind message anyone has ever left on this blog. Amy, I can't thank you enough.