Before today's epic battle gets underway, we decided a solid meal was necessary. It's going to be a tour de force and I can't wait. I'm nervous. I'm excited. I want this thing to get underway. Now.

Anyway, we had to eat so I decided to run out to Pacific Green for some supplies. We ended up with the following on our plates:
- sesame bagel
- avocado
- roma tomato
- black forest ham
- egg
- balsamic vinegar
- sea salt

That tower of stuff you see there collapsed quickly under our forks and knives and this little number was gone in seconds. It was really delicious. Rich, creamy, salty and filling.

Let the games begin.

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claudia said...

i thought i left a comment but it disappeared... but what i had said was that somehow - as odd as some of your combo's seem - they also seem to totally work. like i look at that sandwich goin', i dunno... and then i think... hell, why not?