Guess what? We've been doing this silly thing an entire year! Whoo hoo!

When we started, we had no idea anyone besides the two of us would actually read this thing. And although it's not much more than the two of us, we do have some loyal readers. And that's fun as hell.

But we've evolved a little. We've made some good stuff. We've made some bad stuff. We've traveled. Others have cooked for us. We've had LOTS of delivery. It's been a fun year.

Hey, we even got engaged. And food has been a huge part of it all.

So for our one year, we didn't do anything too special. I was working late and we've just been generally so busy that there wasn't time to really plan. But I guess that's pretty fitting. That's how we do most dinners, so why not the one year dinner?

Meena got us off to a great start with a couple appetizers from Fish Tales. We had some nice crabcake stuffed mushrooms and a few perfect shrimp with cocktail sauce. Small bites, but you know ... how can you hate a stuffed mushroom or shrimp cocktail? Go ahead foodies ... scoff. I love it.

Next we did these odd faux sushi things that I think I picked up in Bon Appetit:
- prosciutto
- green onion
- shiitake mushrooms
- balsamic vinegar
- smoked mozzarella
- basil pesto

Finally we grilled up a nice bit of salmon:
- salmon
- cherry preserves
- miso
- rice wine vinegar
- shiitake mushrooms
- green onion

We served the whole thing with some boxed Thai rice. We've done the cherry sauce before. And the miso glaze thing. I figured I'd just merge the two. Turns out, it's not such a bad combo. It probably would have been better in the oven than on a skillet. But you know, whatever. It was a nice meal and the flavor was great. It's a subtle variation on one dish we've made a million times. I can't think of a better way to ring in the one year anniversary.

We ain't going away ... get ready for another year of MOAP!


Amy said...

Happy blogversary! And congrats on your engagement (I haven't read that far back in your archives) -- have you set a date? Very exciting year!

alec said...

amy, you're so nice! Thanks so much for the well wishes.

I think we're looking at an October wedding in the beautiful state of Wisconsin.

2007 was great. I think maybe we can top it in 2008, though. Fingers crossed.