It's cold. Our heat isn't working. The week has been really busy. I had to fight through a wall of Christmas tree revelers just to get to the subway last night. When I got home, I wasn't in a mood to cook.

So oddly, we went for Chinese delivery last night. That's right. You heard me. No Joya. No Zaytoons. No Cube 63. We went with a curve ball and called in China Hong.

Meena went for:
- shrimp lo mien

Alec got serious with:
- hot and sour soup
- broccoli with garlic sauce

I mean, it's comfort food. Warm and filling. With Top Model and Project Runway episodes jam packed into the evening's viewing schedule, we just needed to kick back. And China Hong hooked us up with some typical Chinese delivery to help us get through it all.

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