We had a Rolling Stone event last night and I was working so I knew food wasn't going to come my way with any consistency. To avoid the 10:00 hunger pangs, Vicky and I hit one of those random pizza joints in Times Square on the way over. Have you ever seen that episode of The Office where Michael comes to New York and says his favorite slice of New York pizza is at ... Sbarro?? There were lots of tourists in there saying the same thing. It was kinda funny.

The pizza was ok. Not great. But warm and filling.

Anyway, the event went well and on the way home I was still starvin' like Marvin. So Matty Chaymez and I rolled down to Cinderella falafel for some of the East Village's best gyros. In my humble opinion anyway.

I learned this morning that Meena had pad thai from Joya last night. That's her usual when I get home in the middle of the night. She said it was delicious. No surprise.

Good night. Late night. But a good night indeed.

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